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Damon Edwards | Damon45


The Damon45 program provides a unique opportunity for youth to learn and participate in an interactive, age-appropriate experience on the topics of diversity, inclusion, and racial injustices, all while using the sport of lacrosse to help drive the message home. 
Lacrosse, with strong historic Canadian roots, is a game created by the Indigenous peoples of North America and was traditionally used in conflict resolution, sacred ritual, spiritual tributes or as tribal training for future battles. Inviting students to experience the game, and by learning about it’s history, will enhance their understanding of equity while instilling respect for diversity.
The students will learn, interact and gain insights on racial equality, injustice and black history, as Damon himself facilitates the program. Damon is able to connect with the students through his life story and personal connection to the sport of lacrosse. 

Damon Edwards | Damon45


In today’s world, understanding the importance of equity, empathy, and diversity is a critical skill; one that youth need in order to navigate, initiate and take part in conversations regarding race. 
Damon will facilitate discussion on how youth can contribute to societal change by shedding light on these issues. Coming from a bi-racial professional athlete, these messages will resonate with our community’s youth.

Damon Edwards | New  York Riptide


The need for this program is paramount.

There is so much uncertainty and mixed messaging in the press and on social media regarding racial injustices, equality and the Black Lives Matter movement.

This program will provide students with practical tools, resources and knowledge to take with them as they become more actively engaged members of their own communities.

Coming from a bi-racial background, Damon brings forth unique insights and optimism on how to make a difference.



A big thanks to Damon Edwards for virtually joining CRW Student Success Monday to educate our 6s, 7s & 8s about diversity, inclusion, and racial injustice. Hearing your experiences as a bi-racial athlete was so powerful to inspire our community to understand, educate, and unite.

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