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Damon Edwards | Damon45 Program


This program focuses on three key elements (learning, understanding & uniting) to empower students to have a positive impact in their own school community, society as a whole and within any sport or team environment.


Our youth are future leaders and educators. It is critical that they are given a foundation of knowledge that stems from equity. Coming from a bi-racial background and by conveying his own experiences, Damon will guide the students on how they can be proactive in their communities and our society.


It is more important than ever for our youth to have a sense of what is going on in our world regarding racial injustices and equity. This program aims to guide youth in understanding these issues, why the issues exist and how we as a society can do better. 


There is no doubt that our world is going through some unprecedented times. There is a need to demonstrate the power of unity. This program will support students’ in learning that no matter your race or uniqueness, together we are stronger.

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